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Why Doesn’t My Glow in the Dark Powder Glow?

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Glow in the dark powder is a material that can emit light automatically in the darkness. It is also known as luminous powder. Some customers may ask why the luminous powder they buys is not that bright in the dark. Actually, glow in the dark powder is like normal lamps. Some of them are brighter and some are not that bright. There are many factors that determine the brightness of glow in the dark powder. For example, it can be light absorption time, powder purity, formula ratio, the particle size of the powder, etc. The particle size and light source are two decisive factors of the brightness of luminous powder. Today, let Juliang tell you everything about their relationship.

Particle Size of Glow in the Dark Powder 

The manufacturers of luminous powder usually use “mesh” as the unit of particle size like 100 mesh, 200 mesh. If you use a 300-mesh screen for the luminous powder, the powder will be of 300 mesh. Generally, the particle size of 100 mesh is larger than the 200-mesh. The higher the mesh is, the smaller the particle size will be.


The particle size determines the brightness of glow in the dark powder. You can place the luminous powder of the same model but different particle size under UV light for a 15-minute exposure. Then observe them when they are glowing in the dark. You can find that the 100-mesh one is the brightest, then 200 mesh and 300 mesh comes last.


Customers can choose the suitable glow in the dark powder according to the particle size. For construction painting, the glowing result will be affected if the particle is too larger. It is difficult for the powder to disperse evenly, which will degrade the quality of the painting. If the particle is too small, it can easily make the powder gather all together and absorb light unevenly. Then it may affect the brightness and result in shorter afterglow time.

white glow in the dark powder


Light Absorption of Glow in the Dark Powder

Glow in the dark powder is a kind of photoluminescent powder-shape material. It can glow automatically with any power supply. The process of absorbing and emitting light is also called an energy transition. To achieve the glowing effect, the luminous powder must be irradiated by the light first. The light source can be natural light, sunlight, normal light, UV light. Different light sources have different wave lengths. The Same-model luminous will have a different ability to absorb light of different wave lengths. Therefore, the brightness of luminous powder will be directly affected by different types of light sources.


orange glow in the dark powder

How to Test the Brightness of Glow in the Dark Powder?

If you still feel confused about the issue of light sources, you can do an experiment. Place three equally divided parts of the same-model glow powder under three different light sources. They include natural light, sunlight, and UV light. Allow the powder to absorb energy for 5 minutes. Later you put them in the darkness, and you will find the one with UV light is the brightest. So for quick light absorption, you can put the powder or other luminous products under the UV light.


Where to Buy Glow in the Dark Powder?

For any other problems with using glow in the dark powder, you can directly contact us at 3001385186@QQ.com. Juliang is a top manufacturer and supplier of glow in the dark powder with 17 years of experience. We’d love to offer you high-quality products and practical advice.

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