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What Is Luminous Powder: 6 Things To Know

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The luminous powder may not sound common in our daily life. But the items made from the powder are familiar to people. What is luminous powder used for? One of the most general applications comes to glow in the dark traffic signs. These signs can be luminous without any electricity at night. To find out the secret of the powder, here are 6 things you must know.

luminous powder

1. What Is Luminous Powder 

First of all, luminous powder also called glow in the dark powder, is a powder-like luminescent material. With a special crystal structure, it has an excellent ability to absorb, store, and radiate light. When exposed to natural light and light, it will absorb and stores part of the light energy. Then it slowly releases the energy in the form of visible light in the dark. Generally, the powder reflects its own color under the bright light. But it can reflect various colors in the dark or backlight. 

luminous powder

2. How Luminous Powder Works 

Second, the luminescent powder doesn’t need any power supply. It can automatically emit light with no need for electricity after absorbing enough light source like UV light and sunlight. 


3. How To  Excite The Glow Effect Of Luminous Powder

Third, there are not high demands on the light excitation. The powder can be luminous under the sunlight, normal illumination, and stray light. People regard these light sources as the light excitation of glow in the dark powder. So there is no need to seek the specific light sources.


4. How Are The Products Made From Luminous Powder 

Fourth, the items made from luminous powder has great performance. It has high brightness and long afterglow time. The waterproof yellow-green powder can last 5 to 15 hours and its lifespan is over 20 years.


5. What Are The Advantages Of Luminous Powder

Fifth, the powder is non-toxic, fire-resistant, and with no radiation. According to the test report, it has stable chemistry property, as it has no explosion hazards. Thus, the powder is a new generation of green material for glow in the dark products.


6. Luminous Powder On The Market

Sixth, the powder is easy to apply and maintain. In recent years, luminous powder has developed rapidly. How do you use glow in the dark pigment powder? The powder can apply to different material, such as epoxy and painting ink. It is usually used as an additive, as it does not contain radioactive substances. So it is widely used as the luminous signs for different parts of the ground, the stair, and the roof.

With these features, the luminous powder has brought us all kinds of application ideas. For example, glow in the dark painting, luminous toys, glow in the dark shoes and clothes, and many other ideas that you can name.

Where To Buy Luminous Powder?

Juliang is an experienced manufacturer of luminous powder. If you are running a business of glow in the dark powder, we can be your reliable supplier. Free sample of luminous powder are available upon your request. For any question, please directly contact us at 3001385186@QQ.com. We will reply to you as soon as possible.


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