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What Are Reflective Pavement Markers: 5 Things to Know

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Have you ever met the following situation when you are driving?


1. Driving at night, you find it a bit difficult to see clearly the lines on the road.

2. Driving on rainy days, the road condition is complex and you need to pay 200% attention to avoid accidents.

3. Driving on foggy days, fog and haze can interfere with sight, making it hard to judge the road conditions ahead.


If drivers are not concentrated in these situations, accidents will occur anytime. Therefore, reflective pavement markers are invented to prevent the accidents. But do you know what are reflective pavement markers?


What Are Reflective Pavement Markers?


Reflective pavement markers are also known as raised pavement markers. They are a type of facility of traffic safety. Generally, reflective pavement markers are installed in the middle of the road marking or the double yellow line. They are used to remind drivers to drive in the lane.

reflective pavement marker


What Are Reflective Pavement Markers Made of?


Reflective pavement markers are made by combining glow in the dark powder and PVC with injection molding. All materials and technique should meet the safety standard of traffic road.


What Are Reflective Pavement Markers Mainly Used For?


Reflective pavement markers are commonly used for various roads like highways, city road, bicycle lanes, etc.


What Are Advantages of Reflective Pavement Markers?


1. Long Lifespan: This product can be used for 30 years indoor and 10 years outdoor.

2. High Brightness: The marker can emit sharp colors of yellow and green in the dark.

3. Long afterglow time: Reflective pavement markers can last for more than 12 hours.

4. Energy-saving and environmentally friendly: Any kind of light source can excite the markers. They can absorb and emit light permanently.



Traditional vs New Reflective Pavement Markers


There are two main types of reflective pavement markers on the marker nowadays. The first one is the traditional one that only has a reflective effect. That means it only reflects light with other light emitting like car light and street light. If there is no light source hitting on it, then it can’t glow in the dark. However, the new one is a better version. It has both reflection and self-luminous effect. Even though there is no light irradiating it, it can still emit light in the dark. The secret is the layer of glow in the paint on its surface. Glow in the dark paint is made from glow in the dark powder that is a photoluminescent material. It can absorb light shortly and store it then glow in the dark automatically without light excitation.


Where to Buy?


If you want to buy reflective pavement markers, Juliang is definitely your best choice.


Juliang is a professional manufacturer of glow in the dark powder and other luminous products. We offer high-quality reflective pavement markers of different colors and different shapes. For more information about our products, you can directly contact us at happy@jlglowpowder.com.

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