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Secrets About Glow in the Dark Road

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In our minds, it is usually the street lamps that provide light for the drivers at night. But have you ever heard the road can glow by themselves? Glow in the dark roads, also called glow the dark roads, are roads that can glow like fireflies at night. Therefore, what are the features and benefits of the glow in the dark road? You will find out everything in the following passages.


Features of glow in the dark roads

1. The glow in the dark road has excellent physical and chemical property. It can be used outdoors or in severe environment and can hardly fade. So, once the road has been paved, you don’t need to pay more money for its following maintenance.


2. The glow in the dark road has a super long service life of more than 15 years. And its light-absorbing, light-depositing and luminescence are all recyclable. Unlike the traditional street lamps, the glow in the dark roads don’t need recharge and repair.


3. This kind of road is skid-proof, compression-proof and durable. All the asphalt roads will get slippery when it is rainy. The only way to increase the friction of this road is to set the speed bumps. But apparently you can’t set them everywhere because they will make the road very nasty. The glow in the dark road, however, is skid-proof naturally, reducing the possibility of driving accidents in rainy days. Also, the glow in the dark road is compression-proof, so it won’t be destroyed by overloaded trucks or the impact of heavy things. And that’s why it is so durable.


4. Glow in the dark roads have low requirement for light source. The luminous intensity of only 25LX can excite the luminescence. The luminous intensity of the common building can reach to 500LX or even more. Thus, sunlight, normal lighting and ambient light can all act as the light source of glow in the dark roads. For normal street lamps, they will die once the city powder is cut off. But the glow in the dark road can basically charge itself from any light during the day, so it can glow by itself under any circumstances.


5. The glow in the dark road has a short charging time. It can glow for 6 to 12 hours by absorbing light for only 10-20 minutes. So you don’t need to worry it will malfunction because of lacking energy.


6. Glow in the dark road is safe and harmless. There is a common understanding that all the luminous staffs are radioactive and poisonous. But in fact, the ingredients of glow in the dark roads are non- poisonous and non-radioactive staffs. So the road is harmless to both humans and the environment.


glow in the dark roads

Benefits of glow in the dark road

1. Help the drivers see more clearly in bad whether.

The rain and mist can affect drivers with a poor visibility of the road. Especially in the misty evening, the fluorescent road markings would be very fuzzy. But the glow in the dark roads can emit light automatically when it is misty or rainy. It can provide drivers a clearer visibility as well as more safety.


2. Provide security for low-carbon travel.

You need to pay a large amount of bill for the electricity every year if you install the street lamps for all the roads. And you also need to spend a lot of money on maintaining these lamps. However, if you use the glow in the dark roads to replace them, you don’t have to spend so much. And you don’t need to maintain these roads because they have excellent physical and chemical durability.


3. Serve the drivers and pedestrians better at night.

Our roads, especially rural roads, are used by a large amount of pedestrians and cyclists at night. The application of glow in the dark roads enable them to see the contour of the road more clearly, guaranteeing safety for low-carbon travelers at night.

glow in the dark road


All in all, to pave the practical glow in the dark road, you have to use the high-quality glow in the dark powder. Juliang is an experienced factory of glow in the dark powder with professional technical team. We not only have a stable output but also can help customers to apply the glow in the dark powder correctly to achieve the best results. If you want to know more about our products, please contact us at 3001385186@QQ.com!

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