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Luminous Powder vs. Fluorescent Powder: Are They The Same Thing?

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We can see quite a few glowing things in our daily life, such as road signs and emergency exit signs. But some of them can only reflect light while the other can glow by themselves. Why? Because there are two common kinds of glowing material on the market nowadays. The first one is luminous powder and the other one is fluorescent powder. They both make things glow in the dark so many people consider they are the same thing. Actually, they are not. To find out their difference, we will show you some aspects in the following passages.


luminous powder

luminous powder for emergency sign

Working Principle

Luminous powder, which is also called glow in the dark powder, is an efficient light-storing material. It can quickly absorb and store the light energy and then release it in the dark to glow. So, the luminous powder you often see can glow by itself without electricity.


Fluorescent powder is also a very common material, but it is different from luminous powder especially in the working principle. It can glow in the dark like luminous powder. But the point is, it can’t emit light by its own without other light sources. Things made of fluorescent powder doesn't glow during the day. It can only reflect the light when other is emitting on it at night. So it just looks like glowing.



The manufacturing of the fluorescent powder is adulterated with radioactive substances, which are unsafe and harmful to humans as well as environment. Compared to the fluorescent powder, the luminous powder is healthier and safer, as it is non-radioactive and non-toxic.


The luminous powder carries a wide range of applications. Therefore, it has many social and economic benefits. People can use the luminous powder in the printing industry, such as screen decals and printing paste. In the ceramic and glass industry, the luminous powder can make road signs, warning signs, and craft. And in the plastic and leather industry, we can often see the application of the luminous powder in toys, handles, etc.


However, the fluorescent powder is barely used in life or work because it contains lots of chemicals. Therefore, people usually choose the luminous powder instead of the fluorescent powder.



Luminous powder can glow for a long time by absorbing light for only a little time. If the luminous powder is made of zinc sulfide, it needs only half a minute to reach the full absorption. But if it is the long-lasting luminous powder, it requires a longer time like 15 minutes.


Besides, the cost of luminous powder is relative low and it can be very colorful upon the demands. There are different colors of luminous powder, such as yellow, blue, red, and tangerine. The commonest one is white. However, fluorescent powder is relatively monotone and can’t glow by its own. So it is less practical than luminous powder.

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