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Is Glow in the Dark Powder Safe?

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Many people may have such a question: Is glow in the dark powder safe? For most people, glow powder is like a chemical substance that seems to be toxic. Besides, there are all kinds of glow in the dark products on the market nowadays. In particular, many parents buy glow in the dark toys for their kids. Therefore, the safety issue of glow in the dark powder has drawn more and more people’s attention. Is glow in the dark powder safe enough to be used in various items that we use?


First of all, let’s take a look at the types of glow in the dark powder. There are three different kinds of glow in the dark powder. They are long afterglow glow powder, zinc sulfide glow powder, and self-glow luminous powder.


The long afterglow is the safest glow in the dark powder made from rare earth, aluminum oxide, and strontium carbonate. It doesn’t contain phosphor, lead and other harmful elements, and radioactive substances. Thus, it has a safe and stable physical and chemical property, which makes it can directly contact with the human. Besides, our long afterglow glow powder has got the qualification of SGS, MSDS, and food-grade certification. The long afterglow glow powder can be recycled for about 15 years.


How does long afterglow glow powder work?

Glow in the dark powder is a kind of photoluminescent material. It will absorb UV light energy for a few minutes and store it. Then the light will be radiated in the dark environment.


Long afterglow glow powder is one of the most popular glow in the dark powder on the market. It is widely used in resin, rubber, plastic, printing, paint, etc.


Zinc sulfide glow powder is also a non-toxic luminous powder. The biggest difference between it and long afterglow powder is that zinc sulfide has a fast light absorption. It takes less time to absorb UV light but it won’t last as long as long afterglow powder.


glow in the dark powder

Which Type of Glow Powder Is Toxic?


The self-glow luminous powder doesn’t need any light excitation and it can glow by itself. It is greatly radioactive and harmful to humans. Besides, it has a complex manufacturing process so now this glow powder is obsolete.


Tips For Using Non-toxic Glow Powder

1. Avoid using glow powder in the acid environment.

2. Keep glow powder away from water. The powder can absorb the moisture of the air, making it become black and not glowing.

3. Avoid contacting with metal that can affect the luminescence.

4. Avoid high-speed friction, which can change the structure of glow powder.


Where to Buy Best Glow in the Dark Powder


Juliang is a professional manufacturer of glow in the dark powder with more than 17 years of experience. Our glow in the dark powder is 100% safe and non-toxic with qualification. 


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