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Glow In The Dark Fabric: How We Made For The Client

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Just several months ago, we successfully helped a client accomplish his project of glow in the dark fabric, sometimes called luminous fabric. Today, we will talk about glow in the dark fabric and how we applied glow in the dark powder to the fabric for our client. 


How Does Luminous Fabric Work?

Glow in the dark paint or glow in the dark dye is the main ingredient to make fabric glow in the dark. The luminescent material can glow in the dark without powder supply after absorbing sufficient light.


glow in the dark fabric

What Kind Of Fabric Glows Under Black Light?

The most common material of the luminous fabric is cotton. Notably, white cotton can have a better glowing effect in the dark.

Can You Wash The Luminous Fabric?

Nowadays, more and more people wear glow in the dark clothes to the parties. This question can draw lots of people's attention. Luminous fabric is available in washing, but you shouldn't iron it directly.


What Have We Done For The Client

Mr. Guo, our client, has received an order of making luminous fabric from his foreign client. It was the first time for him to make such fabric, so he had no idea how to do it better. Fortunately, we have offered Mr. Guo the guidelines for correctly applying the luminous powder to the fabric.


Initially, our factory has made a sample, according to Mr. Guo's demands. However, something unexpected has happened. During the process of making the sample, the painted pattern had turned yellow. Our technical crew followed up on the problem immediately.


First of all, our technicians made up the specific model of the powder again. They then sent out the sample once again to Mr. Guo and recommended that he replace the printing paste.


Through several improvements, Mr. Guo had realized that it was the printing paste that made the pattern yellow. At last, he was satisfied with our powder and decided to cooperate with us. We were also glad to get recognition from our client.

Glow in the dark pigment for clothes


Things glowing in the dark automatically always fascinate us. Therefore, more and more business owners tend to apply luminous powder to their products nowadays. However, the methods to use the luminous powder are different, which are up to the actual demands and needs. With a professional technical crew, we can help you develop the right method that meets your requirements. So we have cooperated with many companies such as toys company and clothing companies.

glow in the dark sticks


At last, if you are looking for a glow in the dark powder supplier, we are your best choice. For more information, please feel free to contact us at info@jlglowpowder.com. Thanks for reading!

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