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DIY Tips: How To Make Glow In The Dark Shoes

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If you are given a chance to make one thing glow in the dark, what would it be? I can say some people would prefer a pair of glow in the dark shoes, especially sneakers.


Sneakers are such a great investment that almost everyone wears nowadays. In recent years, some big brands have introduced glow in the dark sneakers, which are popular among the young. Whenever you go to a party or run at night, the luminous sneakers can catch most peoples eyes. But if you dont want to buy these fascinating shoes at a high price, you can DIY your sneakers. With some simple glow in the dark materials, it is not difficult to get the job done. Today, lets learn about how to make your sneakers glow in the dark.


how to make glow in the dark shoes


how to make glow in the dark shoes yourself

How to Use Glow in the Dark Powder For Shoes?

Step one

Prepare all the things you will need:


Tape of painter

Painting brushes

White or light-colored paint for leather shoes

Glow in the dark powder

Acrylic medium

Plastic container

Wooden stick for stir



Step Two:

For any leather shoes, make sure it is white or of light color. The dark leather will cover up the luminescence of glow in the dark powder. If not, please paint the shoes with the white or a light color similar to the luminous pigment you will use. After painting, let the shoes dry naturally and completely.


Step Three:

Clean the shoe thoroughly with shoe cloth and alcohol. And then use the painters tape to mark any areas that you dont intend to paint.


Step Four:

Mix glow in the dark powder with the acrylic medium. First of all, pour a little powder into the plastic cup. Then add the acrylic medium to the container. Finally, use the wooden stick to stir well.


Please note that glow in the dark powder wont dissolve in the medium but will suspend in it.


how to make glow in the dark shoes

Step Five:

Check the glow-in-the-dark effect by irradiating your worktop with a black light. You may start to paint if the result is satisfactory. If not, you have to add more glow in the dark powder to cup and mix again.


Step Six:

Use the brush to paint the luminous mixture on your shoes. To examine your coverage, darken the light and irradiate on the shoes with a black light. Find the missing spots and repaint them.


If you dont want to paint your shoes, you can add glow in the dark effects in other ways. For example, you can stick some glow-in-the-dark stickers or tape on the shoes.

How to Recharge Glow in the Dark Shoes?

If you find your shoes don't glow in the dark anymore, don't worry and you just need to recharge them. Glow in the dark powder is a kind of photoluminescent material. Aftering absorbing enough light energy, it will emit light automatically in the dark. Therefore, you have to put your shoes under the sunlight, UV light, or other light for 10-15 minutes. Then they can glow in the dark again.



Life is full of ideas, which depends on whether you are creative enough or not. Besides, the materials are also important. High-quality glow in the dark powder can help achieve the best effect for your shoes.


Juliang is an experienced factory of glow in the dark powder. We used to provide our clients with superior quality and professional technical instructions. Many clients have successfully finished their project with our help.


Therefore, for any questions, please contact us at 3001385186@qq.com. We will reply to you as soon as possible.

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