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How Long Does Glow Powder Last?

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How long does glow powder last? Some people say glow in the dark powder can glow for a very long time while some people say it can't. Who is right? 

What Is Glow Powder?

First of all, let's learn about the definition of glow powder. Glow powder is also called glow in the dark powder and luminous powder. It is a kind of photoluminescent material used for various applications like paint, resin, ink, print, etc.

Generally, there are two kinds of glow in the dark powder on the market. The first one is long-lasting  glow powder, and the other is zinc sulfide glow powder. These two powders have different afterglow time. Long-lasting glow powder, as its name implies, can last for a longer time with high brightness. But it needs more time to absorb light source. Zinc sulfide glow powder can't last as long as long-lasting glow powder. However, it has a fast light-absorbing ability so it can glow in the dark easily.


As an experienced glow powder supplier, we used to manufacture long-lasting glow in the dark powder. It is a kind of powder that can store light energy after absorbing visible light. Besides, it is chemically stable so it also has a long lifespan.

how long does glow powder last

How Does Glow Powder Work?

As is mentioned above, glow powder features energy storing and high brightness. It is energized by available light such as UV light and sunlight. The powder will start to glow in the dark when there is no light for it to absorb. During the process of light radiation, the stored light energy is consuming and getting less. Initially, the powder's brightness attenuates fast, but after one hour, the speed will slow down. Many people would say the powder can't last long because they just observe for a short time. Their eyes have not acclimated to the darkness, which leads to a big difference of brightness.

How Long Does Glow Powder Last? 

Generally, long-lasting glow in the dark powder can last for 8 to 12 hours once it is fully energized by proper light source. But this doesn't mean the brightness remains the same throughout  8 to 12 hours. In fact, the powder's brightness will go down slowly as time goes by. Glow in the dark powder won't last forever. Every time it loses luminescence, you need to recharge it by placing it under UV light again. 

What Can Glow In The Dark Powder Used For?

Glow in the dark powder is a durable photoluminescent material, as it is available in recycling luminescence for almost 20 years. Thus, many manufacturers mix glow in the dark powder with different liquids or materials to make various products. For example, glow in the dark powder can be mixed with acrylic paint, which can be applied to surface of wood, glass, fabric, ect. Besides, glow in the dark powder also can combine with epoxy resin. They can be made into glow in the dark toys, tables, and many other stuffs.

Why Is My Glow In The Dark Powder Not So Bright?

Some people think that glow in the dark powder is not that bright. Why? Because the glow powder is a weak light source. But what is a weak light source? Generally, you can't quickly discover the weak light when you walk to a dark place from a bright place. But if your eyes have acclimated to the darkness, you will see the weak light source. Then you will find the glow powder very bright.

how long does glow powder last?

Different Light Source For Glow In The Dark Powder

To simplify the product information, many manufacturers of glow in the dark powder would say the powder can last 8 to 10 hours in the advertisement. Therefore, to have a clearer understanding of glow powder, you can look at the comparison of different light sources below.


Unit of brightness


Luminous material ‘s unit of brightness


Visible minimum brightness


Noonday sunlight

1-100,000 cd/m2

Daytime interior


The requirement of light in the evening


The requirement of emergency light


The brightness of electroluminescent signs


The brightness of glow in the dark signs

Up to more than 13000mcd/m2, after 60 minutes attenuate to 80mcd/m2, after 7200 minutes attenuate to 0.3mcd/m2 but still theoretically visible.



Where To Buy Best Glow In The Dark Powder? 

Hopefully, you can know how long does glow powder last after reading this article. Juliang is a professional glow powder manufacturer with experience of more than 20 years. If you want to buy and apply glow in the dark powder to your products, we are the ideal supplier that you can work with. 

Maximum 1-kg Free Sample of glow in the dark powder is available, which can help you test the effect with our glow powder.

If you want to learn more about our glow in the dark powder and luminous products, please directly contact us at 3001385186@QQ.com. We expect to work with you!

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