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How Do Juliang Manufacture High-quality Glow Powder?

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Glow in the dark powder is a photoluminescent material widely used in various industries like plastic, ink printing, painting, etc. It must be non-toxic, non-radioactive and safe enough before entering the sales market. The quality of glow in the dark powder has something to do with the manufacturers. The way they produce glow in the dark powder and the equipment they use are very important. Juliang has been a professional manufacturer of glow in the dark powder for many years. Today, we will tell you how we careful go through every step to produce high-quality glow powder in the production process.


1. First of all, before receiving the order of glow powder, we must communicate with the customer again. Confirm the color, nature, model, and packaging specifications to ensure that the luminous powder is what the customer wants.


2. After the order of glow powder is confirmed, the raw material department starts to prepare materials. The proportion of ingredients must be accurate to gram. If the proportion of ingredients is not accurate enough, it will often affect the color and brightness of glow powder.


3. After the raw materials are mixed, they are sent to the kiln for high-temperature firing. During the firing for more than 30 hours, the temperature is constantly monitored to ensure the transparency degree of glow powder.


4. After glow powder is ground and screened according to the particle size, the brightness and particle size will be repeatedly tested in sampling to ensure the same quality of each batch.


5. After passing the test, glow powder shall be packaged and sent out. The inner packaging shall be made of waterproof plastic bags, and the outer packaging shall be fall-resistant traffic or paper tubes. This is to ensure that glow powder is free from getting damp or damaged during transportation. If the glow powder you received is damaged, please contact us in time for further solution.


The details of producing glow powder are not only to ensure product quality, but also to provide product guarantee for customers. The details always lead to success or failure. High-quality glow powder does not require excessive after-sales maintenance, and the company and customers can better carry out follow-up cooperation.


How Did Do Business With Our Clients?

With much honor, we have worked with a client from Hungary. He ordered several types of sample first, and was quite satisfied with our products after receiving the samples. Thus, he decided to order 40kg of glow powder from us, which was his first order. The very next year, he ordered another 4 tons of glow powder from us. The whole case undoubtedly shows our high-quality glow powder and professional business service.

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Why Choose Juliang?

As a professional manufacturer of glow powder with more than 20 years of experience, we only offer best-quality glow powder to our clients. Besides, we also give professional and effective advice to our clients, helping them apply glow powder in a proper way. For any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at happy@jlglowpowder.com.


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