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Glow In The Dark Material: Which Type Is The Best?

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There are three main types of glow in the dark material that are popular on the market. They are glow in the dark powder, fluorescent powder, and glow in the dark master batch, respectively. Each type of them is made of different elements and has different usages. To create an ideal glow effect, you need to apply the right glow in the dark material. Therefore, we will introduce these three glow in the dark materials to help you select the most suitable one.


Glow In The Dark Powder

Glow in the dark powder, also called glow powder, should be familiar to most people. It is one of the most common glow in the dark materials that you can apply to various stuffs. Glow in the dark powder made from rare earth and strontium aluminate is a safe, non-toxic and non-radioactive material. Most importantly, it has excellent luminescent property and long afterglow time.


How does glow in the dark powder work? Glow powder is a photoluminescent and energy-storing material. It can absorb energy from available light sources like UV light, sunlight, or natural light. When there is no irradiation light, it will release the energy in the form of light in the dark. This kind of light is usually called phosphorescence. Therefore, glow powder automatically emits light in the dark, without any power supply. High-quality glow powder’s luminescence can last 5-12 hours at a time. The afterglow time depends on how long you charge the powder.


Glow powder can be mixed with other materials to make various glow products. Therefore, it is widely used in almost every industry including plastic, silicone, rubber, printing, painting, ink, glass, etc.

glow in the dark material


Fluorescent Powder

The other glow in the dark material is called fluorescent powder. It reflects light under the exposure of UV light. Like traffic signs, they will reflect light at night under the exposure of car light. The biggest difference between fluorescent powder and glow powder is that the former won’t glow in the dark. Those items made from fluorescent powder only reflect light under the exposure of available light sources like UV light. However, glow in the dark powder can emit light automatically in the dark without light supply.


Glow In The Dark Masterbatch

Glow in the dark masterbatch is a kind of plastic masterbatch with self-luminous function. It is deep-processed from glow powder and transparent plastic. Glow in the dark masterbatch can be directly mixed with the same matrix material. So it is usually used in injection molding that needs a huge amount of glow in the dark powder.


Glow in the dark masterbatch is also a very safe material. It can be applied to any kind of products with a great glow effect. Especially, it won’t  have any negative impact on people's health. No matter how much people want to use, it will not produce any unpleasant odors and a vicious circle in safety.

glow in the dark material


Which Is The Best Glow In The Dark Material

It depends on your actual requirements. If you simply want to make your items glow in the dark, normal glow in the dark powder can meet your needs. If you want to apply it to some large stuffs like furniture, you’d better use glow in the dark masterbatch. We don’t recommend you to use fluorescent powder too much as its ingredients are quite complex, which may contain harmful elements.


Therefore, to buy the best glow in the dark material, Juliang is your first choice. We have been specializing in producing glow in the dark powder, masterbatch, and other glow products for more than 20 years. If you are looking for high-quality glow in the dark material, please feel free to contact us at info@jlglowpowder.com.

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