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Fluorescent Signs vs Luminous Signs: What's the Difference?

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Most of us are not strange to fluorescent signs because we can see them quite often in our daily life. At the same time, we also hear of luminous signs or glow in the dark signs. Are they the same thing as the fluorescent signs? Lots of people deem fluorescent signs and luminous signs as the same product with two different names. But this is actually a misunderstanding. Today, I will tell you the differences between the fluorescent signs and the luminous signs.

Fluorescent signs and luminous signs are two different products. Fluorescent signs are the road signs made of fluorescent materials. At night, the images or characters on the signs can glow when irradiated by streetlights or headlights. So the drivers can notice them and drive more safely. However, the fluorescent signs only glow with the exposure of light instead of glowing by themselves.


What Are Luminous Signs?

The luminous signs are made from light-absorbing materials, which can absorb and store light energy. The material can radiate light and make the signs glow in the dark automatically without electricity.


Generally speaking, glow in the dark signs can last for 12 hours by absorbing light for only 2 hours. So you can see that the luminous signs are glowing all the time in the evening. The application of luminous materials in signs can save energy and protect people working at night.

luminous signs


What Are Fluorescent Signs?

Fluorescent signs and luminous signs have different features and working principles. The fluorescent signs can be seen at a crucial point. For example, when we drive in a dark place at night, we can see fluorescent things with light emitting on them. But under normal circumstances or during the day, the fluorescent signs should be unnoticed.

Therefore, it is not difficult to understand that fluorescent signs only work when there is light irradiating them. But the luminous signs are totally different. The luminous material can absorb light when they are exposed to light. So the signs can glow automatically in the dark by radiating the light they stored.


Both fluorescent materials and luminous signs have a considerable impact on our life. To keep pace with the development of science and technology, we should learn more about them.

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