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Facts About Glow In The Dark Exit Signs

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Exit signs can be found in almost every commercial and industrial building. It is mainly for directing people to a safe exit in the dark, especially under an emergency situation. How much of exit signs do you know?


Generally, there are two types of exit signs - electric signs and self-luminous signs. The former was very common in the past, using power to produce light in the dark. And the latter, known as glow in the dark exit signs, is a more popular option today. Both of two exit signs have the same function of emitting light in the dark. But the glow in the dark signs are much more cost-effective. To learn about them, here are some facts that you should know.


What Are Glow In The Dark Exit Signs?


Glow in the dark exit signs is also called luminescent exit signs. They are made from photoluminescent material like glow in the dark powder pigment. These signs come in various colors, shape, design, and words options. They can emit light in the dark to help people find the right way out of the building.

glow in the dark exit signs


How Do Glow In The Dark Exit Signs Work?

Glow in the dark exit signs can emit light automatically without power supply. Why? The secret is the action of photoluminescence. The photoluminescent are made from glow in the dark pigment. This kind of material can absorb and store light energy from the surrounding light source. And then it will release the stored energy as light in complete darkness. So that’s how glow in the dark signs create glowing effect in the dark.



How To Charge Glow In The Dark Exit Signs?

To be honest, you don’t have to do something special to charge the signs. And you just need to make sure there is enough visible light to charge glow in the dark exit signs.


If you find your exit signs not glowing in the dark, that means you need to charge them. Place the exit signs under the available light sources like sunlight, UV light, etc for a while. Then you can see them glow again in the dark. If the charging time is long enough, the afterglow time of the exit signs can last up to 12 hours.

Why Are Glow in the Dark Exit Signs So Popular?


Glow in the dark exit signs are an ideal alternative to electric signs or other related device. They can automatically glow in the dark without any electricity, helping save more energy.



Glow in the dark exit signs are relatively economical compared to other electric lighting devices. What’s more, they can play an essential role in pointing the right way for people who want to go out of the darkness.

Long Afterglow Time

Glow in the dark exit signs can glow in the dark for a very long time if they are charged enough.


Wide Applications

Glow in the dark exit signs are available in residential and commercial use, which can be installed in various areas like cinema, theatre, basement room, etc.



Why Choose Us?

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