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DIY Glow In The Dark Resin With Glow Pigment Powder

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What Is Glow in the Dark Resin?

In a broad definition, any polymer compound that can be used as a raw material for plastic product processing is called a resin. It is a composite material with high water resistance and heat resistance, and a long working time. Resins often combine with glow in the dark powder so that they are made into various arts and crafts. Generally, there are two main types of glow in the dark resin in the market - tabletop resins and casting resins.


Tabletop resins are the thin coatings of resin mixture on the tabletop. They are used to add beauty and water and heat resistance protection on any wood surface. Glow in the dark tables has become a hot type of furniture due to the table resins. This product is specially designed for bars, parties, or outdoor gatherings at night. Casting resins are usually the molding of different shapes and colors. They can be various objects like resin crafts, resin arts, resin toys that have a magical glow effect.


glow in the dark epoxy resinGlow in the Dark Resin Casting
glow in the dark resin

Glow in the Dark Resin Art

How to Make Glow in the Dark Resin with Glow in the Dark Powder


Casting resins are DIY friendly as long as you get the required tools and materials. It is also easy to make photoluminescent resins with our Juliang glow in the dark powder. Here we give you brief instructions on the DIY process.


Prepare All the Tools And Materials Needed


1. Glow In The Dark Pigment Powder By Juliang

2. Polyester Resin

3. Epoxy Hardener

4. Silicone Mold For The Object You Will Make

5. Wooden Or Plastic Stick And Spoon

6. A Pair Of Plastic Gloves

7. A Plastic Container For Making Mixture ( never use a metal one for glow in the dark powder)

Process of Mixing Resin with Glow in the Dark Powder


(Make sure to wear gloves throughout the DIY process)

1. Pour the polyester resin and hardener at a proper ratio into the bowl. (Read the instructions on the resin and hardener to ensure the correct ratio.)

2. Start to stir well the resin and hardener with the stick.

3. Add glow in the dark powder to the mixture of the two liquids.

4. Mix them evenly with the stick until all materials are well-mixed.

5. Use a spoon or directly pour the mixture into the silicone mold.

6. Give time to let them get hardened.

7. Carefully take out the stuff from the mold.


When the resin stuff is finished, place it under the UV light, sunlight, or other available light. This can help it absorb enough light source, and later it can glow automatically in the dark. After being energized, glow in dark resin can glow for 5-12 hours at a time. If you want a long-lasting afterglow time for the resin, you need to use the right glow powder. 

Where to Buy Best Glow in the Dark Powder for Resin?

Juliang is a professional manufacturer of glow in the dark powder and products. We have been specializing in the research and development of photoluminescent materials for more than 20 years. Not only can we offer high-quality glow powder but give professional instructions and advice on applying the powder.


If you want to add glow powder to your products, welcome to contact us at 3001385186@QQ.com. We will try our best to help you with the project.

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