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Application Case: Glow In The Dark Watch

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A simple watch can be stylish when it combines with glow in the dark powder. Obviously, we are going to talk about glow in the dark watch, which sometimes is called a luminous watch.


What Is Glow In The Dark Watch?

Literally, it means a watch that can glow in the dark. You may think of glow in the dark digital watches that have the inserted LED light. You can press on the button of the watch, and it will glow in the dark. But today, we will focus on the watches that can glow automatically in the dark without powder supply.


Generally, luminous watches' hands, numerals, and dials can emit light in the dark automatically. This type of watch has been widely used since about 1910.

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How Do Watches Glow In The Dark?

The secret that makes watches glow in the dark is the glow in the dark pigment powder. The photoluminescent material is used to print on the surface of the hands, numerals, and dials of the watch. And then they will glow in the dark after absorbing enough light.

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How Long Do Glow In The Dark Watches Last?

The luminous material can glow in the dark for 10 to 15 hours after absorbing light.


Are Luminous Watches Dangerous?

Nowadays, there are many men's and women's glow in the dark watches on the market. But are they 100% safe?


The luminous powder is a non-radioactive, non-toxic, and recyclable material that can be used for many times. It is harmless to humans and environmentally friendly.


How We Make Glow In The Dark Watches?

Just a few months ago, we had a conversation with a manufacturer of watch components. Mr. Dong, the boss of the factory, has consulted us on the printing technique of glow in the dark powder.

At first, he wanted to use the white glow powder to print on the numerals' surface. But the brightness of the white one is as high as the common model like yellow-green, blue-green, and sky blue. Besides, the numerals' layers are relatively narrow, which will reduce the powder's content and result in low brightness.  

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Finally, we recommended the client to use the brightest one -- Yellow-green glow powder. The printing cost is low, and most importantly, the powder is helpful to the product.


Why Choose Us?

Juliang is an experienced supplier specializing in producing glow in the dark powder for many years.


With a wide variety of powder, we help clients select the right type suitable for the products. Besides, we will keep improving the methods of applying the powder until reaching the best result.


For more information and cases, please contact us directly at 3001385186@qq.com. We look forward to your messages!

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