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Introduction of JULIANG glowing masterbatch

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Do you know why luminous products glow? By adding luminous powder or the glowing masterbatch could make the products be bright. This article is going to introduce glowing masterbatch. Glowing masterbatch is a kind of luminous plastic. Making it into granule is aim to effectively integrate those raw materials.

How can we use glowing masterbatch efficiently? Since the glowing masterbatch is a plastic product, it is necessary to melt the glowing masterbatch in advance, and then reasonably integrate it into the related products(Such as PP, PC, ABS, PE, etc.). During the melting process, we must properly control the tempesrature to the extent of melting. Do not overheat until it reaches a uniform viscosity. In the process of use, we should also make good use of the glowing masterbatch. Just add an appropriate amount of glowing masterbatch to the product without excessive waste.

What are the characteristics of glowing masterbatch?

1. Widely used application: outdoor road project, plastic injection molding products (toys, phone cases, shoes, clothes, fishing float, etc.)

2. With long lasting glowing time.

3. Easily used: while used in plastic injection, most will be more convenient than using glow powder directly.


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