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4 Popular Glow In The Dark Products: You Need To Know

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Glow in the dark products have been popular in recent years and there are thousands of types on the market. These things that glow in the dark always knock people’s eyes out so they are developing so fast. What is the material used for glow in the dark products?


Glow in the Dark Powder

The most common one is called glow in the dark powder, sometimes known as glow powder and luminous powder. It is a photoluminescent material that can emit light in the dark after absorbing enough light such as sunlight and UV light. Therefore, those products that are added glow powder can automatically glow in the dark without any power supply. Generally, glow in the dark products can last from 5-12 hours at a time. So this magical glow effect not only fascinates people but also gives the products practicability for some occasions. For example, glow in the dark road signs ensure a safe driving environment for most drivers. In addition, glow products are also environmentally friendly because they help save lots of electrical energy.

glow in the dark powder


Are glow in the dark products safe? 

Actually, you don’t have to worry about this issue. Glow power is a kind of non-toxic and non-radioactive glow in the dark material made from rare earth and strontium aluminate. It doesn't do any harm to human body.


Here, we are going to show you 4 popular types of glow in the dark products with their applications. You will see how glow powder is important in today’s product manufacturing.


Glow In The Dark Shoes

The fashion of the world are always changing. Glow in the dark shoes is a typical example. Many famous brands started to apply glow in the dark material to shoes, particular sneakers a few years ago. Consequently, glow in the dark sneakers have become a great success. Nowadays, you can countless designs of glow in the dark shoes on the market, whether they are of big brands or not. Wearing glow in the dark shoes, you’ll be the most shining star in the pub or in glow in the dark parties. You can also wear luminous running shoes for work-out at the park in the evening. It is possible and easy to DIY glow in the dark shoes with glow in the dark powder. If you are interested in learning how to do and buying the material, kindly click here.

glow in the dark shoes

Glow In The Dark Paint

Glow in the dark paint works perfectly on wall, paper, glass, clothes, arts and crafts like the normal paint does. One of the most amazing applications of glow in the dark paint is glow in the dark painting. With such a magical paint, you can have many ideas to create your masterpiece that shines in the darkness! Nowadays, you can easily buy a single bottle of glow in the dark paint on the online store. Glow in the dark powder can be mixed with the medium like solvent or acrylic. That is to say, you can DIY glow in the dark paint. To know more the materials and methods to make the paint, welcome to click here.


glow in the dark paint

Glow In The Dark Toys

Glow in the dark toys bring a supernatural world and endless imagination to children. Generally, glow in the dark powder are used in epoxy resin, rubber, or silicone to make all kinds of toys. For example, resin animal figures are one of the best-selling glow in the dark toys on the market. As glow in the dark powder is non-toxic and non-radioactive, glow in the dark toys are safe for children. If you want to apply glow powder to the toys, we can help you by offering professional and useful advice. Our technical team has successfully helped many manufacturers to make glow in the dark toys or other products.

glow in the dark toys


Glow In The Dark Stickers

Many homeowners like to use glow in the dark decorations for their houses. Glow in the dark stickers are a ideal choice. There are different shapes and colors of glow in the dark stickers like star, moon, flower, sun, etc. All these interesting stickers can be stuck on the wall of bedrooms. After turning off the light, you feel as if you are lying under a vast grassland in a starry night.

glow in the dark sticker


Juliang is a leading manufacturer of glow in the dark powder. For more information , welcome to contact us at happy@jlglowpowder.com.

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